Arts in the Sunset is seeking applicants in the Amarillo area for the “Residence Artist Studio Program”


Calling all visual artists in the Amarillo area! Want to be part of the city’s newest arts hub? Well, we have good news. the Amarillo Art Institute & arts at sunset are delighted to announce that they are now accepting applications from artists interested in having a space in the new building, which would put their work front and center during First Friday art walks, outreach events and outreach initiatives. artistic education. Listen to our full interview about the program on the link at the top of this page, and visit their site for more information. For artists interested in applying for a studio, please complete and submit this form to Rachel Flores at her email: [email protected]

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE PROGRAM (on their website):
Founder of the Amarillo Art Institute (AAI) and Arts in the Sunset, Ann Crouch believed in providing artists with a place to work and sell. The Amarillo Art Institute, with support from the Crouch Foundation, offers the Resident Artist Studio program to meet the needs of local and regional artists while providing opportunities for the community to interact with art and artists. Artists are essential to keeping the culture and vibrancy of our community alive, and we
hopes to give artists this unique opportunity to work and contribute to the artistic community. these
residencies are twelve-month engagements with an option to renew. Other deadlines will be
considered on a case-by-case basis.

Requirements—Artists in residence must:
● Volunteer to help the Amarillo Art Institute maintain facilities, organize events, etc. Possible volunteer opportunities are listed below in the volunteer section.
● Maintain an average of studio hours or volunteer hours of at least 15 hours per week.
● Participate in 10 of 12 First Friday Art Walks each year (monthly events every first Friday of the month)
● Participate in AAI fairs and exhibitions.
● Provide social media support.
● Sign and abide by the IAA Rules and Regulations and Commission Policy. Resident artists cannot:
● Display artwork with price tags inside the studio, these studios are primarily for work and cannot be used as private galleries.
● Work with media that produces toxic fumes or requires continuous, continuous loud noise.
● Paint or make cosmetic changes to their studio. The name of the resident artist will be displayed on the studio by AAI.
● Use their studio as a storage space for artwork.
● Teach classes or private lessons outside of the studio, unless designated by AAI.

Other details:
● Artwork may be displayed in the Arts in the Sunset community gallery and will be sold through the Amarillo Art Institute. The commission on the work will be 20% regularly and may be reduced during certain special events.
● The hours available to access your studio will be determined according to the needs of the establishment. Later access may be allowed for certain projects or commissions, but will not count towards your 15 hours per week. The reason for this is to ensure that there are artists at work throughout the week.



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