Hythe Architects design stunning artist’s studio for Mr Doodle


Artist’s impression of the new studio | Credit: Studio Hollywood

Submitted to the Folkestone Herald

An international artist turned to an award-winning company in Hythe when he wanted the ultimate work-from-home space in his Kent home.

Mr. Doodle, aka Sam Cox, was born and raised in Tenterden where he continues to live and work, creating his Doodle World.

Since creating the Mr Doodle character in January 2015 and donning his doodle costume, he has become globally recognized, selling work to collectors and collaborating with brands such as Fendi, Samsung and MTV.

Sam commissioned local architects, Hollaway Studio, to create a studio to act as a permanent embodiment of his work and sit like a sculpture in the garden designed by his wife Alena.

Mr Doddle with this summer’s Tenterden installation

The shimmering and alluring cube will be covered with a sheet of metal that wraps around the entire exterior, laser cut with its doodle shapes.

Enveloping the workspace inside, the ‘veil of doodles’ will be made up of favorite objects Sam has doodled throughout his career, such as walking fish, floating UFOs and dancing robots.

Plan of the house, studio and garden | Credit: Studio Hollywood

The studio will be a way for Mr Doodle’s art to be used in a more functional way, allowing art and architecture to converge and inspire each other.

Hollaway Studio, who also designed the Folkestone Skatepark, hope the project will initiate a different way of thinking about buildings and what they represent.

Architect Guy Holloway said:

“Our work with Mr Doodle takes the artist’s studio well beyond the concept of four walls and makes the relationship between art and architecture something enduring.”

The entrance to the cube is designed so that it lifts off at the corner, as if unwrapping a gift, to reveal the workspace.

The ground floor features Mr. Doodle’s studio with huge walls for his monumental canvases, as well as entertainment and storage space for his artwork and plenty of doodle costumes.

Mr Doodle said:

“I am really delighted with the creation of my Doodle Studio! I’m going to be so inspired to create loads of artwork there, right in the middle of my garden, I think it will be amazing!

“It was amazing to see the project grow from the first sketch of Ms. Doodle to what it is today. Hollaway Studio did such a brilliant job of designing everything, the CGIs are stunning, I just can’t wait for this happen now.

A first sketch for the studio | Credit: Studio Hollywood

The building is oriented north to south with solar panels and air source heat pumps making the building completely sustainable.

The sawtooth windows in the roof flood the space with northern light to create the perfect lighting conditions for settling in.

Meanwhile, a huge blackout curtain means Mr. Doodle can shoot the time-lapse videos of himself drawing, like the ones that made his name on the internet.

Ascending to the rooftop terrace, the landscaped gardens and doodle maze can be seen in full ‘Doodle vision’.

And it’s not a typical maze, but rather one of Mr. Doodle’s works of art that comes to life through leafy hedgerows.


The gardens surrounding the studio are of equal importance. Intricately designed by Alena, they are heavily influenced by feng shui principles.

At its heart are two meandering rivers, representing the Thames for Mr. Doodle and the Kharkiv River for Mrs. Doodle, which come together.

She says:

“Gardening is an art form. This garden is a unique collaboration between me and Sam. I wanted to give this incredible building an environment that will make it shine even more.

“The garden is a three-dimensional painting and the studio is the focal point. But more importantly, it’s a reflection of the two of us together. Synergy, wholeness, creativity and love.

Planning has now been submitted for the design which, once approved, is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

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