This artist’s music will put your dog to sleep


Need your pup to relax and take a nap? It turns out that this artist’s music is the best for putting your dog to sleep.

It’s a strange title to remember, but it turns out that Ed Sheeran’s music is the perfect music to put your dogs to sleep.

world sleep day actually arrives on March 18, and Hillary just did a study to find the best sleep playlist for dogs. Not only did Ed Sheeran’s playlist on Spotify get the dogs to bed fastest, but one song in particular was the most effective. Sheeran’s last single “The Joker and the Queen” was the most popular.

Behind Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and John Mayer were the two other artists whose music put dogs to sleep the fastest.

I don’t think these artists should feel too bad though; dogs like to sleep. Carolyn Menteith, a behaviorist at, says dogs can sleep over 80% of their day. Honestly, that kind of sounds amazing.

So the next time your dog won’t calm down, maybe try playing some Ed Sheeran music to calm him down?

Side note: I don’t know how this study was done, but I bet it was absolutely adorable to watch. I imagine this:


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