Tracey Emin is setting up an artist studio in Margate, but she has strict rules for artists wishing to apply


Artist Tracey Emin says she is setting up an artist studio complex in her hometown of Margate on the south coast of England. But the rules will be strict for artists wishing to rent space in the planned complex, including a possible ban on part-time jobs and “no loud music”.

In 2017, Emin purchased a 30,000 square foot building complex on the former Thanet Press site near the Margate seafront, which she says will be turned into a museum upon her death. This group of buildings houses a sculpture and painting workshop, housing, a swimming pool and archive areas.

Emin is now considering converting a nearby complex, including former Victorian baths and a small mortuary, into a complex of 30 artist studios; this hub will eventually be transformed into an art school called TKE studios (after Tracey Karima Emin). “People will have to apply, and there will be very strict rules. No subletting, no smoking, no loud music. And if people don’t want to play by the rules, they won’t have a studio there, ”Emin told the Time. “The other thing, because the rents are going to be so low, I don’t have people who have part-time jobs who never come. So I put it in place so that they… have time to work. and paint.

The morgue will become a “mini museum” filled with its own work. Emin also told the Financial Time that his non-profit foundation will establish a sculpture park and a life drawing club so that “any kid in the area who wants to come and learn to draw can do so.” She is also planning to start an artist residency program elsewhere in the seaside town. “So it’s about organically creating the right place for the right people. I like art. And I love the property. And that way, I combine my two loves and do a little bit of good, ”she said. Emin aims to put the studio project, the mini-museum and the foundation “in motion. [in the] Next year”.

In 2020, Emin was diagnosed with bladder cancer. “It was a full-blown squamous cell cancer, and so aggressive they couldn’t just remove the tumor,” she told dealer Kenny Schachter. “In three weeks, they took out my bladder, urethra, lymph nodes, gave me a full hysterectomy, and removed half of my vagina, so it was really my summer.” Last April, doctors gave him the green light.

In a recent Instagram post, Emin says she “hated 2021. It’s been a bad year. Nasty and unreasonable. I’m going into 22 with an attitude and I intend to crush and crush that nastiness… This year is going to be a big one for me. My desire to make life better has increased tenfold… Tracey Karima Emin 2022. ”


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